My Offline Journey toward the Online – What Am I Doing with My Life?

Perryn is the newest member of Sprout Online. The challenge to see people and businesses thrive keeps her logged on for the most part of the day. Offline, Perryn coaches migrant professionals in Aussie Culture & English, enjoys hugging Peanut the pug and having a good cuppa tea. In this article, she shares her journey, new role and what excites her in this fresh season of her life.   

Have you ever asked yourself “What am I doing with my life?” and knew it was rhetorical because you obviously don’t know the answer while it seems that everyone on social media is #instafamous or too busy to be on social media because they have reports to finish and planes to catch for meetings (but yet have time to rant about how busy or jet lagged they are)? I’ve asked myself that many times… and no, I haven’t figured it out (thought I would disappoint you first rather than leave you with a cliff hanger but please read on).



Back to what I am doing with my life… I am now a journalist. No I lie, that would be too cool to handle. The #truestory is that I’m a Digital Marketer in the Social Media sphere working for an agency that does Web, SEO, SEM, PPC and other acronyms that basically mean getting more sales & leads through online means.

So what? Exactly my sentiments (you are getting good at this mind reading thing)! Here’s the back story… Prior to this I had about a year hiatus from working as we know it (in the office kind of way). Some may see it as a luxury, some maybe laziness. In hindsight, this period was a necessity. I was challenged deeply about life, my identity, purpose, and discovering my inner being. What am I made for? God knows… What am I made of? Carbon – the very same material as a brilliant diamond or if I see it the other way round, a piece of rock worth squat. I frequently straddled between these 2 parallels as my natural inclination to see myself as a rock or rather, pebble was real. Even self reflections on my skills, abilities, and personality were also skewed based on how I felt at the time. So like I said earlier, I haven’t gotten everything figured out but what I do know is that perspective changes everything. This sounds cliché and we know all too well about the meme of a cat looking into a reflection and seeing a lion (I get it). I’m not talking about knowing what to do. I’m talking about what can we DO less of and BE more of?  After all, we are human BEings and not human DOings – all made from the same Carbon of the Earth.

So my take on “Eat, Pray, Love” was attending to my soul, revitalising my spirit, rediscovering myself again and limiting my doing to allow myself to become. My perspective began to shift unintentionally as I caught new glimpses of life and new revelations. I believe I have a hope and a future; and this was my strength forward. It’s not rocket science but internalising is new for me and I’m sure for those of you too who turn to Google a lot. Interestingly, many answers can be found within us, not the Internet and certainly not Social Media. However, the ironic thing is that the internalising led me back into an opportunity to frequent Google and Social Media on a daily basis. This time, with a renewed confidence and perspective, I use these tools to contribute to my world by building connectivity with people and strategising for business growth and the result of this is what gets me out of bed on a Monday morning.



Since signing my life back to the 9-5 again, my desire to see business people thrive was reinforced. I love people, I love businesses and “what I’m doing with my life” is mashing these two loves and seeing them grow and flourish. If you need reminders of how much diamond sparkle you have or just some humble opinion on business marketing strategies, I’m more than happy to chat. You can reach me directly or connect with me at

Till the next article, I shall leave you with a quote from a famous philosopher “shine bright like a diamond”.


(ps. Me now at work)