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Chinese Marketing

Using WeChat and other Chinese Marketing platforms to generate greater brand awareness to an Asian demographic

Wanting to target a Chinese audience?

By using WeChat, WeiBo and an array of other Chinese social platforms and forums, we bring your brand to life and proliferate your message to a Chinese audience.

Chinese content that impresses!

Our content is produced by extraordinary and qualified copywriters, and we ensure all Chinese content released is accurate, engaging and on point in representing your brand.

Getting you ahead of your competitors

The Chinese market is continually growing and becoming more socially media active, yet even many of the big brands are slow to capitalise and jump onboard this rising wave. We’ll make you stand out in a growing market, with the competition lagging far behind you.

When it comes to Chinese Marketing, we’ve got all your bases covered


Account Registration

Registering a Chinese social media account can be problematic and often only done by a citizen of China. But we take care of all the complications and get your accounts registered and activated without issue.

Compelling Design

We will develop imagery for your social media that reflects your brand and engages and captivates your audience.

Audience & User Engagement

We’ll engage with your audience to turn those who comment into fans, converted customers, loyal patrons or lovers of your brand.

Monthly Data Analytics

We track and monitor the data results, to observe how your account is tracking and make the necessary improvements to generate for your business a return on investment.

Offline Marketing

We’ll devise offline strategies to complement online activity that will grow your following and profile activity.

Engaging Copy

We develop Chinese content that is accurate and speaks the voice of your brand and engages your target audience. Our copy aims to be well-written and adapted to the style of your brand.


Lead Generating Advertising

Advertising through Chinese platforms offers an effective way to amplify one’s message, maximise brand awareness and generate lead opportunities.

Influencer Outreach

We reach out, connect and develop relationships with influencers, also know as KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and suitable people in your industry that will allow your business to be more widely known and to grow.

Mini Programs

We can develop mini-programs (which are Chinese apps within social platforms), that provide useful functionality to engage and benefit your audience and grow your brand.

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