Should I upload the same content onto each social media platform?

Getting to know clients and building their online marketing knowledge is one of my favourite things about working at Sprout Online. I had a question from a client called Stacey the other day that I thought would be worth sharing.


Stacey’s question was:

Should I be posting different content on each of my social media platforms? Or the same content on each platform? My organisation is on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.


My response:

Great question. My experience suggests that people/businesses/organisations want/expect different things from each of the social media platforms they interact with. Each social media platform has a different personality and purpose and therefore both the content posted and the nature of the post (whether it’s visual, short and snappy, inspiring, etc) will generally differ.


Messages posted on each social media platform should be tailored to the audience located on that platform, and aligned with the purpose of the platform. For example, content posted on Facebook = storytelling, personable, shareable; content posted on Twitter = news-oriented, headline focused, topical, easily digestible; content posted on Pinterest = life-style focused, inspiring; content posted on Instagram = personal, eye-opening; content posted on LinkedIn = less casual, more professional.


This could mean that:

  • Similar content is posted on each of the social media platforms on different days
  • Different content is posted on each social media platform.


It’s really all about the audience located on the social media platform, what they like, what they respond favourably to, and what content they appreciate.


To answer your original question, this means you could recycle some of the posts across the chosen social media platforms (although they would be written differently given some of the platforms allow more words than others and/or have a different approach (some are more news-focussed, others more friendly). If we were to recycle posts on other social media platforms, we would post similar content (ie same general topic but phrased differently) on different days so that people who are across all your social media platforms would not get the same content 3-5 times on the same day. It is likely to be the case that some of the content generated would not be appropriate for all social media platforms anyway.


At the end of the day, the purpose of posting on any of your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn – is to motivate, educate and/or engage your target audience. If you are doing this, you are on track!


I hope this is helpful, Stacey!

What is your experience? Do you post the same content on each platform? Do you have any guidelines you can share?

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