How to write a great Adwords Ad

The Google Search Engine is a competitive space. Approximately 6 billion ads are displayed on the Google network every day. And with more people making searches through their mobile devices for products and services, and more companies seeking to rank higher for relevant search terms, it seems the competition is only on the brink of expansion. On Google, a business is provided only so much space to convey its message. For Google Adwords this consists of a 25 character headline and two 35 character description lines. Not a whole lot of real estate to work with to convey a brand’s key message, selling points and call a user into action. But this is the space every business needs to work with if they are to compete on Adwords, and so each business must use this space effectively to stand out, attract and compel a user to click-through to its website. This article will explore the kind of copy that Adwords ads should consider using to maximise click-throughs and succeed!

Speak to the visitor’s end goal

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. In creating an Adwords ad, it is important to understand the intent and reason for people searching the keyword that has been targeted. This is a critical but often overlooked aspect of crafting a suitable ad. The ad needs to understand precisely who the user is and what they are really wanting in making their search. An ad that can most directly and powerfully speak to the desires of the searcher and convey an impressive solution, will be much more effective in getting clicks. Therefore, before creating ads, it is worthwhile to think about the user that is making the search for keywords in an ad group, and to thoroughly research and understand their very needs and desires.

Great offers and exclusive deals

An easy and effective way to attract users to your Adwords ad is to include an irresistible deal. Discounted products and services, special discount codes to enter during a checkout process or a creative or value-packed offer have been widely known to attract eyeballs and clicks.

Use countdown timers

The idea of missing out can be a powerful one. Recently, Google has come up with a simple countdown timer that can be set beside an ad. The timer provides a sense of urgency to click and capture the opportunity before it expires. The use of countdown timers is a great complement to an impressive offer or exclusive deal. Recently, the counter timer was used by Clarks America in combination with its offers and the company saw a 32% increase in CTR and a 3% increase in conversion rates. View here on how to implement an ad countdown timer.

Highlight your Unique Value Proposition

Whatever industry you’re in, it is almost certain there will be competition. A good Adwords ad will set you apart from the competition and will highlight what makes your business different to the others in your field. It will effectively convey your unique value. Experts suggest that at least one and possibly even both of your description lines should feature your business’ unique value and selling points. That value may come in the form or a unique offer, an award or accreditation, a milestone or achievement, a specialisation or competency, a low cost or something else that makes your business of supreme value to a potential customer.

Include a call to action

Call to actions (CTAs) have been widely known to increase user click-throughs and clearly direct a consumer to doing what you would like whether it be viewing, buying, reviewing or downloading. To create an effective call to action, Lunametrics provides some useful tips and a helpful word list in their Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet for Writing Effective PPC Ad Copy.

Use numbers and be exact

Numbers can be more effective than words for they quantify and provide an objective measurement of what is being spoken about over and beyond subjective words. It has also been shown that specific numbers can improve performance over rounded numbers. Ultimately, the more specific you are, the more believable you become, and the more you are likely to attain a click-through to your website and begin a relationship.

Personalise your ads

When drafting AdWords ad copy, it’s recommended to write in the second person. Users want to be spoken to directly and personally. They also want to know what’s in it for them. Experts have claimed therefore that the most powerful word you can use to create rapport through your ads is with the word “you”. Ritika Puri in her article 20 Power Words That Will Electrify Your Online Advertising also suggests some other great personal, provocative and powerful words to use in your ad copy to better get clicks and convert.

Appeal to emotion

There is no doubt that human beings are emotional creatures. Unsurprisingly then, Ads that trigger and capitalise on emotions such as excitement, anger, disgust or other feelings along the emotional spectrum are said to be 37% more likely to be successful than ads that don’t. When creating ads, it may therefore be useful to think what may outrage, disgust or excite a person searching for your keyword term and then craft an ad to trigger those emotions to compel a click-through.

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